Super Bowl 2016 Commercials – What Were the Results?

Super Bowl 50 had over 100 million viewers tune in to watch the epic battle of football warriors, coaching strategists and most importantly – the Super Bowl commercials. In the early days of the game the focus was on the game and pretty much just the game. Weeks of buildup tantalized the fans of the competing teams to a fever pitch. Of course, since it was televised, the game also had commercials and over the years the attention these commercials get has escalated to the amazing reality of today in that approximately 50% of the people tuning into the game are there for the commercials and not the game! In the early days a Super Bowl commercial cost a mere $37,500 but as the audience grew over the years the costs did too and this year the price of a 30 second ad hit a whopping average price of $4,000,000.


Some really interesting numbers:


  • Viewers: 111.9 million people tuned in to watch Super Bowl 50, making it the third-most watched broadcast in US history. This year’s game fell shy of Super Bowl XLIX, when 114.4 million watched.
  • Ticket Prices: According to Fortunethe most expensive ticket sold went for $23,000,  the “cheapest” went for a not-so-cheap $3,301. Or you could splurge and buy yourself a private suite ticket for $200,000.
  • A Crowded City: Over 1 million visitors arrived in San Francisco for the Big Game, more than doubling the city’s population.
  • Lots of Ad Time: Super Bowl 50 included 49 minutes and 35 seconds of advertising, making up 22% of the ENTIRE broadcast.
  • Twitter Decline: 44% of the 62 paid ads had hashtags. (Last year was 52%)
  • We forgot how to share: The 10 most viral ads from the telecast had been shared online almost 2.9 million times.” That represents a decrease of 36% from Super Bowl XLIX in 2015.


This year, as we have in the past, Monitis selected a cross section of the advertisers so that we could see how they did.  We of course monitor the technical performance of the website ads to watch for things like uptime and full page loads. If your website ad isn’t available all the time, is suffering from poor performance and is completing full page loads in more than 3 seconds you are in the danger zone of losing customers and revenues. You may get lots of people coming to your site but the reality is that if your website is slow they abandon you and jump ship to someone else.We also look at the ads social media impacts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  In the infographic below you can see the results.


Super Bowl 2016 Commercials - What Were the Results?


We hope you enjoyed the game, the commercials and the parties. See you at Super Bowl 51!