Success Story of Monitis and VictorOps Integration

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Making SaaS integrations work is a challenge that many companies face today. A case in point comes from Skyscanner, which recently adopted the VictorOps/Monitis solution to improve overall website performance and increase business efficiencies.


We are happy to republish a success story of Monitis and VictorOps integration that first appeared on VictorOps’ case studies section.



Skyscanner is flying high with VictorOps and Monitis


“Better together” may just become the new catchphrase for how to stay ahead in today’s competitive business climate. Successful collaboration is especially critical for companies that rely on e-commerce and high traffic to succeed–like Skyscanner. Skyscanner is a global metasearch engine that specializes in helping customers find comparisons for flights, hotels, and car rentals and a growing number of services. Founded in 2003, Skyscanner has grown and expanded to become one of the most reputable players in the fast-growing online travel market. The Edinburgh-based company is included in The Ten Best: Travel Sites and 101 Really Useful Websites.  


About Skyscanner:
In early 2016 Skyscanner announced that it raised $192 Million for international expansion and in December 2016 was acquired for £1.4bn ($1.74bn) by the Chinese travel company Ctrip. Currently, the site receives over 50 million visitors a month.



The rapid pace of growth proved a challenge for Skyscanner’s existing monitoring systems


As Skyscanner expanded globally, they found they were rapidly outgrowing their existing monitoring solutions and were looking for tooling that enabled them to both scale effectively and monitor availability on a global scale. The challenges of maintaining availability across a high-traffic website were further extended due to an increase of smaller services and the resulting volume of simultaneous deployments. Due to the high level of complexity required to run a website processing more 42,000 events per second between hundreds of services, the Skyscanner team needed a scalable solution to efficiently detect and alert on outages. This is when Skyscanner started to investigate potential solutions.

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No More “Round-Robin” location checks


As Skyscanner evaluated monitoring solutions that would support global expansion, Monitis made it to the top of the list because the company offers a widespread distribution of monitoring locations across the world. Unlike alternative products, Monitis offered a static selection of test node locations rather than a regional pool, which enabled consistent responses for testing of both uptime and endpoint latency. Monitis, a TeamViewer company, with clientele in over 150 countries, provides cloud-based monitoring systems to test the functionality of 300,000+ websites, servers, and applications.



Alert routing and incident notification integration


Skyscanner has 700 uptime tests for monitoring service end-point and transaction monitor to test the most important customer journeys. The endpoints for uptime tests cover API and backend health, regional specific testing, B2B products and most important, the testing of user-facing endpoints.They use Full Page Load for benchmarking their sites (e.g. against the sites of other technology leaders.



Adding VictorOps to quickly route alerts to the right responder


Skyscanner also uses VictorOps, a solution that provides teams with a virtual environment where they can prepare for, react to and recover from each incident regardless of location or device. The Monitis/VictorOps integration further improves Skyscanner’s time to both detect and resolve performance issues, ensuring that their services are always available and performing for their users. Skyscanner teams now heavily rely on VictorOps for incident management, as they use its Annotations to add external URLs to alerts and to the Monitis shared dashboard. VictorOps’s notifications solved the problem of routing Monitis alerts to the right on-call team member who could ensure that any performance issues would be resolved.



Expanding use of Monitis and VictorOps to teams around the world


Today, Skyscanner teams around the world are working with Monitis and VictorOps to drive business value. Both solutions improve Skyscanner’s reaction time to both detect and resolve performance issues, ensuring their services are always available for their users without the initial complexities of ownership and implementation that often come with new tooling.



Knowing about the issues that can affect your website before they strike means you can be proactive rather than reactive. This is good for you and your business and ultimately leads to better performance and happier customers. If you’d like to learn more about the value Monitis can bring to your business, feel free to sign up for a free trial. And then while you’re at it, learn more about other integrations that Monitis offers .