SolarWinds $2,475 Upgrade; Monitis Continually Upgrades

Cloud computing and virtualization are presenting IT managers with greater challenges than ever before. For one, things are far more dynamic and complex these days – for example, with virtualized and multi-vendor data center environments and composite apps to look after.

Enterprises are increasingly in need of easy-to-use and integrated IT management solutions. I know that on the monitoring side of things, I see this increasing demand on a daily basis. For companies that are cloud computing, as well as for those who are operating virtualized networks, it’s simply not enough anymore to use limited tools that manage things on a piecemeal basis. What’s needed are tools that work across all environments…virtual, internal server-based and those on the cloud.

SolarWinds $2,475 Upgrade; Monitis Continually Upgrades

That’s one reason why you’ll keep seeing IT management software companies needing to issue upgrades to their products. For example, SolarWinds has just introduced the latest release of its enterprise network management solution — SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM). The new version, #10, according to a press release I read, includes new modules for companies to enhance control and visibility across the entire IT infrastructure.

Pricing for the new version starts at $2,475 per 100 elements (the largest number of network devices or interfaces). Yes, that’s right — $2,475!

This is what makes cloud-based performance monitoring so beautiful. Because monitoring is done from the cloud in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the solution is continuously and automatically updated with new features, relieving IT staff of the tedious job of upgrading…and paying dearly for those upgrades, too.

There are multiple pricing options for monitoring starting from a few dollars/month. And, in addition, cloud-based monitoring, such as the service offered by Monitis, also allows IT pros to pay as they go. So, if you don’t fully utilize all the elements of monitoring, you don’t have to pay for it.

When you’re making choices for IT management solutions, weigh all the factors for performance monitoring tools that are part of the package.