New in Web Monitoring: API – Access data and manage your account via our new API

The first version of our web-based TeamViewer Web Monitoring API has been released! Access your data and manage various aspects of your TeamViewer account. The TeamViewer Web Monitoring API currently includes 4 actions (with more to come soon):

  • GET Locations: This action is used to get the list of supported locations, it will return the location ID, continent, country, and city names.
  • GET All Monitors List: This action is used to obtain a list of all the monitors that have configuration details available on the account.
  • GET Monitor Result: This action is used to get the results of a specific monitor for a specified date and/or interval.
  • GET Browsers: This action is used to get the list of supported browsers. (This will be needed in the nearest future when we provide API actions that will allow monitor creation and management)

Test TeamViewer Web Monitoring 14 days for free! 

PS: Migrating to TeamViewer Web Monitoring is easy! Simply download the configuration file from your Monitis dashboard, and upload it to TeamViewer Web Monitoring to effortlessly migrate your uptime and full page load monitor configuration. Head over to the TeamViewer Community, where we have prepared a quick guide on how to migrate.