New Features and Enhancements in Monitis

At Monitis we take feedback very seriously and over the past couple months we’ve been
hard at work adding new features and improving user experience based on requests
from our users. We’ve had a lot of requests for new reports, so we’ve added a lot of
functionality there. We’ve also simplified the dashboard to make it easier to find things.
Here are some of the enhancements.

1. New top menu layout for improved usability. We reduced the number of menu items to six, so hopefully things will be easier to find.

2. New HTML-based tabular views for extended support of Flash-disabled browsers.

3. New special management reports: We’ve added an Uptime Report, Performance Report, and SLA Reports for External, Fullpage and Transaction monitors. These show performance for the last day, week and month. Easily share with one-click email, PDF, or CSV. We recently made a video tutorial that goes over these and other reporting features.

4. New Outage Report. Shows hourly up/down statistics for a monitor between any two dates. You can also export this data. Simply select a monitor and two dates and you’ll see this:
New Features and Enhancements in Monitis

5. Extended reporting periods (24 hours, 7 days) for Transaction and Full Page Monitors.

6. New snapshot views of existing Transaction, Full Page, and Internal HTTP/Ping Monitors with tag-based filtering. These show the status of all your monitors in one
New Features and Enhancements in Monitis

7. Support for HTTP basic authentication in simple one-step HTTP/HTTPS External
New Features and Enhancements in Monitis

8. Ability to define fine-grained number of failed locations required to trigger an alert. For example, now you can say alert me if at least 3 of my 6 locations fail.
New Features and Enhancements in Monitis
More enhancements are on the way. If you have a suggestion or request please let us know by using the Feedback form in the Monitis dashboard.