Monitis Product Updates: New Features and Integrations


There’s never been a more exciting time to be involved in the business of technology. It seems that every day now we hear about some exciting new breakthrough that will soon change our lives forever. Internet of Things, robotics, autonomous cars, and delivery drones . . .  these are just some of the many forces that will soon transform the way we travel, work, and communicate.

Of course, all of this change creates its share of challenges. The impacts across the business cycle are enormous: customer expectations are through the roof, production cycles are much shorter, operational capabilities are directly tied to technology, and the competitive landscape is accelerating.


Monitis Product Updates: New Features and Integrations


With everything moving so fast today it’s absolutely critical that your application and website performance strategy is in tip-top shape. You can have the best product on the market but if your website is full of glitches or throwing 404 errors then customers simply will not wait around. So wouldn’t you like to put your website into the hands of a name you can trust?

Monitis is a TeamViewer company founded in 2006. Today over 200,000 users in 150 countries rely on our cloud-based monitoring system to monitor the functionality of 300,000+ websites, servers, and applications. And to make sure our customers are equipped with the latest cutting-edge capabilities Monitis is pleased to announce an impressive line-up of new product features.



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Synthetic Transaction Monitoring for Magento Websites


Synthetic transaction monitoring involves deploying behavioral scripts in a web browser to simulate the path a customer or end-user takes through a website. This is especially important for ecommerce and other high traffic sites as it allows webmasters to test new applications prior to launch. Synthetic transactions are scripted in advance and then uploaded to the cloud as a transaction test. Monitis deploys synthetic transaction monitoring as one of its main tools for ensuring that your ecommerce engine is functioning properly and by alerting you when there is any obstacle during the online transaction process.


News: Monitis is pleased to announce integration with Magento, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the market. To run a transaction on any Magento-powered site, you just need to login to Monitis, choose one or several scenarios to run, and then select the locations for external checks and frequency of checks.

By tracking and analyzing every click and swipe, Monitis’ Magento transaction monitoring solution can help you to identify problems and prioritize fixes in your ecommerce strategy to ensure that customers continue to have the kind of experience they’ve come to expect.




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Monitis – CloudWatch Integration


Amazon CloudWatch is a component of Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides monitoring for AWS resources and the customer applications running on the Amazon infrastructure.


News: Monitis now offers a way to integrate with CloudWatch so you can retrieve, sync, and view metrics from the specified AWS account within your Monitis dashboard. Monitis – CloudWatch Integration’s main advantage is that it provides total visibility of your entire infrastructure in one convenient place. There is more. While Amazon CloudWatch retains data for only 2 weeks, with the Monitis integration your data will be accessible for more than 2 years!



IPv6 Support for Uptime Monitors


The most recent release of the Internet Protocol, IPv6, based on a 128-bit system, means that an almost unlimited number of IP addresses are now available. In other words, IPv6 is large enough for every grain of sand on earth to be IP addressable! There will be no end to the number of objects that can become IP enabled.


News: By offering support for IPv6, Monitis stays in tune with the essential protocol for next-generation networking and is equipped to provide real-time monitoring of all of your Internet of Things objects and devices.




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Extended Browser Support for Transaction Monitoring


Chrome and Firefox are two of the most used browsers on the web. Monitis’ industry leading Transaction Monitoring now supports the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox to ensure that your transaction strategy integrates with the most up-to-date feature sets of today’s top web browsers.


Multi-Channel Alerting Integrations


New alerting integrations provide instant problem and recovery alerts on any issue within your IT infrastructure straight into your Slack channels, HipChat room and via OpsGenie, as well as automatically creating a ticket in Jira.

JIRA, a popular project management and issue tracking software tool, allows developers and entire teams to manage product development and build better software. Now with Monitis and JIRA integration the two systems can talk together to create and track all automated tickets and keep updated on any performance issues impacting your infrastructure.

Want to make sure your team on Slack gets instant notification if there’s any issue with your website? Now with Monitis’ new multi-channel integration you can provide your Slack channel with real-time updates of any issues along with pending recovery status.

The same instant alerting feature works with HipChat room and OpsGenie. For example, with OpsGenie acting as a dispatcher for Monitis alerts, you can guarantee that the right people are notified of any downtime issues (through on-call schedules, email, text messages, phone calls and iPhone & Android push notifications) until the alerts are acknowledged and closed out. Monitis alerting integrations also work with PagerDuty and VictorOps.

With Monitis alert integration available across today’s key communication channels you can sleep better at night knowing that each and every monitoring issue gets the immediate attention it deserves.




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The demands and rapid pace of technology change today means that businesses of all sizes must keep their applications running smoothly at all times. Monitis has a proven 10-year long track record of providing best in class cloud-based monitoring to over 200,000 happy clients. And with the latest new round of product features and optimizations, you can be assured that Monitis will be leading the pack in monitoring solutions for the next decade and beyond.

Head on over to Monitis today and start a free trial to learn how you can jumpstart your website, server, and application monitoring strategy.


Contributor Jeffrey Walker.