Monitis – Monitoring from the Cloud for 9 Years

Monitis was born back in 2006 with the initial goal of launching a service to monitor website uptime and send alerts to clients whenever there was trouble. What differentiated Monitis from a crowded field of competitors was that it had the vision to see the future and established its’ uptime monitoring service in the cloud! This was in stark contrast to the companies Monitis was challenging as they were virtually all following the traditional path of software monitoring loaded into a customers computer or server. While this decision, to be cloud based, was a risk as the general market had not yet embraced cloud based serviced – change comes hard and takes time. But as we all know, the cloud is now THE way of doing business and that early on strategic decision at Monitis was huge.


Monitis quickly was getting a lot of attention in the industry and from customers and over the past 9 years has built a client base of over 200,000 customers all around the world. Like any business though, you can just sit back and rest on your laurels – and Monitis never did. In true entrepreneurial style, often with the flair of the maverick, Monitis began expanding the services it was offering and enlarged it platform footprint into the major cities of the world. The company often partnered with clients on custom products that only they would need. So what started as a simple uptime monitoring service has grown and evolved into a full suited application performance monitoring service with a long list of services and integrations.


Looking back it is hard to remember those early days with a singular service. Today Monitis brings to market advance APM services and products that cover virtually everything our customers need:


Website – Inclusive of uptime monitoring, full page load monitoring, transaction monitoring, and web page stress test.


Server – Native agents for Windows and Linux, monitors for: CPUs, Memory, Storage and Disk, Network Bandwidth, Processes and services, SNMP devices, TCP protocols: (e.g., UDP, SIP, IMAP, POP, SMTP, etc) and WAN links.


Application – An easy to use API, SDKs for all popular languages including Java, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, Open API monitoring scripts for:Popular web servers: Apache™ HTTP server, Tomcat, Nginx, Node.js™ and Microsoft® IIS, SQL Server®, and NoSQL databases and storages: MS SQL, ,PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB®, Apache HBase™, Berkeley DB, Riak, Memcached, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory®, ISA, SharePoint®, printers, Virtual and Cloud platforms: Windows Azure™, Amazon AWS, XEN, VMware®, Hyper‑V® and Mac OS.Mac OS®


Network – Network bandwidth monitoring, SNMP devices, TCP protocols: (e.g., SMTP, HTTP, Imap, UDP, SIP, etc) and WAN links.


Custom – Open API you get virtually limitless opportunities to extend our product to devices and applications and monitor any kind of system and business metrics.


Cloud – Track virtual server instances, Trigger event and notifications in case of server failures. Oversee web servers, databases, mail servers, TCP ports and SSH access all based on user rules for existing and automatically launched new server instances. Add monitors and notifications automatically for newly launched servers based on user defined rules. Automatically deploy the Monitis agent on new servers to monitor their performance and resource utilization. Eliminate time consuming setups required with other uptime and end-user monitoring services.


Mail Server – End-to-end testing of incoming (IMAP, POP3) and outgoing emails (SMTP), Performance reports down to 1 minute, Including MX record.


As you can see, what started as a single product has matured into a cadre of advanced services. In addition to the list above during the past year we have added: Real User Monitoring that sets up fast and easy and gives you: Total Pages Views and Load times, Top Pages Viewed and Load Times, Real Time Site Page Build Performance, Users’ Browser and Platform Performance, Geographic User Breakdown and more.


Monitis - Monitoring from the Cloud for 9 Years


We have also been busy enhancing our service with things like: adding integrations with PagerDuty, VictorOps, WHMCS and Zapier, email round trip monitoring and enhancements to our load tester tool that now has the ability to extend this stress test deeper by including transactions.


As you can see the past 9 years have seen very large product and service development, launch and ongoing enhancements. The monitors, services and tools we have brought to market make it possible for our users have exactly what they need, and we are very proud of all of this.  We want to thank our existing clients for their loyalty and the valuable input they often share with us. So Happy Birthday to Monitis and thank you all for being a part of our community.