Monitis Launches World’s First Free Cloud-Based Transaction Monitoring Solution


Monitis Launches World's First Free Cloud-Based Transaction Monitoring Solution

Online businesses can use this tool to mitigate losses from website downtime or interruptions of their online transaction services and processes

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec 08, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Monitis(TM), the award-winning provider of a leading 100% cloud-based all-in-one monitoring platform, and part of the GFI Software family, today announced new Synthetic End-User Transaction Monitoring functionality tool. This new capability enables online businesses to identify and address potential problems in their online business processes before they can have a negative impact on user experience and online revenue generation. Monitis helps reduce the cost of downtime that can result in thousands of dollars in missed revenue, which is especially critical during the holiday online shopping season.

Online businesses, particularly retailers, know the cost of website downtime and how this can affect their bottom line and their brand reputation. With multi-step processes such as shopping carts, registration forms, product searches and secure logins, businesses rely on a complex combination of multiple servers and Web services to carry out their day-to-day operations. If a retailer’s shopping cart process is broken and customers cannot complete the transaction to finalize purchases, that revenue is lost and is likely go to their competitors.

The Monitis Synthetic Transaction Monitoring tool checks the functionality of web applications on a regular basis by simulating an end user’s interaction with the website according to a pre-defined script. It monitors the entire online user experience using real browsers, and if any part of the process fails, it will take a snapshot of the error screen automatically, sending an alert to IT administrators and enabling them to fix the application before it impacts business.

Hovhannes Avoyan, General Manager at Monitis said, “Transaction Monitoring tools are typically very expensive products, only affordable for large organisations. However, the holiday shopping season is often just as critical to smaller online retailers who need to know their online stores are performing optimally. Monitis is committed to providing competitively priced and even free tools to businesses so they don’t miss out on sales this holiday season because their website was down.”

Transaction Monitoring within the Monitis’ platform is the world’s first free tool of its kind and enables one check per day, which is generally adequate for small businesses. Monitis users will also receive a 25% discount when upgrading to the premium Monitis Transaction Monitoring solution, which offers round-the-clock protection.

More information on Monitis Transaction Monitoring is available HERE.

About Monitis

A leading provider of easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go, enterprise-class network and systems monitoring software as a service (SaaS) for IT support specialists. More than 80,000 users worldwide have chosen Monitis to increase uptime and user experience of their services and products. Their core product offerings include website monitoring, site load testing, transaction monitoring, application and database monitoring, cloud resource monitoring, and server and internal network monitoring. What makes Monitis’ software different is how fast it is to deploy, its flexible pricing and feature-rich technology that provides a comprehensive single-pane view of on-premise and off-premise infrastructure and applications. Monitis was acquired by GFI Software in October.

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