Monitis Holiday Special for Online Shopping: Unwrap This Gift

Even though we’re still not far into fall, you can tell by the catalogues that come in the daily mail that the holidays are fast approaching. So if you’ve got a website, this is a good time to start preparing for the usually pumped-up holiday traffic volume.

In this season, it’ll be more important than ever to make sure your site is up and functioning 24/7, and that it is performing at optimum levels. What will it cost you if your site is down? Well, figure this: every minute of downtime costs you a percentage of sales. To get a good idea, first, find out how much you’re selling per month. Then, divide it by 720 hours (30 days X 24 hours). Next, divide that number by 60 (minutes), and you’ll begin to realize how much you may lose if your site isn’t functional.

Speaking in dollars, if you’re selling $500,000 in goods per month, then you’ll forfeit almost $700 per hour of downtime – or about $12 per minute. If you’re at $1 million per month, that’s $24 per minute.. Other negatives aside from lost money: your damaged reputation, the trust of your customers, and any new customers who may have hit upon your site and bought something – but couldn’t because you were down. Does that make you feel like saying, “Ho ho ho!?” Probably not.

But look on the bright side, if you’re prepared with a good monitoring service that provides valuable transaction statistics and alerts you when things go wrong, you’ll minimize your risk of losing sales and customers. For a big-picture view of what’s at stake, Forrester Research is projecting online retail sales to rise 11 percent, to $156 billion, growing to 7 percent of overall retail revenue (from 6 percent in 2008). And the analysts project $229 billion in online sales by 2010.

Now, until November 10th, Monitis is offering special pricing during this merry (but critical) season for transaction monitoring services – where we’ll check functionality continuously, measure performance and notify you how things are going via SMS. For example, we’ll continuously check and report on: customer actions such as logging on to the site, searching for an item, adding it to the cart, checking out, order tracking and updating, payment and other actions.

You’ll be ahead of the crowd if you invest the time and effort to monitor your site. An Internet Retailer survey says that most retailers conduct some kind of site monitoring, but just 16% test performance from different geographic locations or during different parts of the day. And only 16% perform specific transaction monitoring. The same survey indicates that fully 25% performance-test their sites monthly or less, and more than 37% test weekly or less frequently.

Below is a rundown of the plans, the pricing and what you’ll get from Monitis’s special deals. The Platinum Retail plan gives you the most frequent monitoring for the most URLs.

Monitis Holiday Special for Online Shopping: Unwrap This Gift

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