Monitis-Amazon CloudWatch Integration

We’re excited to let you know about the new Monitis – Amazon CloudWatch integration. You’ll now be able to retrieve and sync the metrics from the specified AWS account/regions into your Monitis dashboard.

Amazon CloudWatch retains data only for 2 weeks: with Monitis-CloudWatch integration your data will be stored for more than 2 years, allowing you to analyze long-term historical performance for capacity planning.


Monitis-Amazon CloudWatch Integration


How does it work?

– Select your CloudWatch metrics and see them pulled in and visualized as a separate module in your Monitis dashboard.
– Be able to see up to 10 metrics per monitor for your CloudWatch data
– Set your own thresholds to be alerted the moment something goes wrong


Go to Add Monitor > Cloud Monitors > AWS CloudWatch and test it for 15 days for free.
Read more in our Support Guide  or contact your Sales Rep to get started today.