Global Network Monitoring Gets Even Better

Global Network Monitoring Gets Even BetterMonitis is proud to announce that they have added new locations to their global network of sites where you can monitor your network or website from. From Moscow to New York, Amsterdam to Australia, Mexico to Mumbai, India to Indianapolis, Singapore to Sweden, Paris to Panama – Monitis works everyday to bring you the best possible service. Monitis now has over 30 locations strategically situated around the world so that you can test what you need to test specific to your own network or website.


Whether it is straight forward uptime monitoring or to run full page load and transaction monitoring it is critical that you can do this specific to your unique needs. As the shadow of the global marketplace is cast wider and wider it becomes every more important that you monitor, test and retest to make sure that your network or website is up and running, building pages at optimal fast speeds and that all of your client and user transactions are quick and efficient. Whether you are a hotel in New York, a University in London, a tour guide in the Himalayas, a kangaroo farm in Australia or a oil cartel in Dubai – you need to be sure that all your customers, business partners, suppliers and everyone else can reach you fast and easy.


This is crystal clear to us as we look at ecommerce and businesses that are heavily web based. It is a well known fact that if your site is down, even for just moments it will hurt you. If your site is slow it will hurt you. If transactions are not completed with speed and confidence it will hurt you. Making sure these things don’t happen, or that if they do happen you are notified and prepared is critical to your success.  The only way you can be sure is to monitor and test. That is why we have this global network built and ready for you to take advantage of. The same is true for Universities, governments, embassies, charities, new services, social media and for virtually every website or network. In this day of instant information, instant communication and instant results – if your network or website fails you get instant bad news and bad impacts.


So avoid bad experiences, avoid bad press, avoid lost revenues and opportunities, protect your business and do the smart thing. Monitoring your networks performance is the best way to protect your business.