Dzone’s Guide to Performance Optimization & Monitoring


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In today’s constantly changing digital universe, web application performance has never been more critical for businesses. Since time is money, the faster and more effective your website loads up the better your overall ROI. Did you know that developers who considered application performance from the beginning were able to solve performance issues 35 hours faster than those who don’t?  And did you know that localizing the root cause is the most time-consuming part of fixing performance related issues?


These are just some of the many insights and statistics available in Dzone’s new Performance Optimization & Monitoring Guide’s Spotlight version, that Monitis is proudly sponsoring.


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Drawn from 471 survey respondents, this year’s guide provides optics on the latest trends in the market of performance optimization. Arming yourself with this useful information can help you better diagnose application performance issues (code, database, workload, memory, network) before they become a money-killer.



If you feel like website performance monitoring is still an esoteric topic, then check out the new Dzone guide today. Here, you’ll find practical advice and insights, including key research insights, the secrets to keeping your application healthy, the difference between metric and log analytics and when to use each, and why web performance monitoring is like an insurance policy on your digital assets.


Lastly, you’ll see why after 11 years and over 200,000 happy users, Monitis is the premier web performance monitoring solution on the market today.

We hope you’ll enjoy this year’s Dzone Guide to Performance Optimization & Monitoring.

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