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Performance Tuning Windows 2012: Network Subsystem Part 2

In our previous article we discussed the hardware supported features of some of the high-end network adapters. Let’s take a look how you can use some of those settings to their best advantage. Remember that the correct settings depend on the network adapter, your workload, the resources of the host computer, and of course your… Read the full post

Performance Tuning Windows 2012: Network Subsystem–Part 1

In this article of the Performance Tuning Windows 2012 series we’ll focus on the Networking Subsystem. We’ll approach the various optimization guidelines by layer, starting with the hardware and drivers. We’ll also cover NDIS, the protocol stack, and user mode applications.  Let’s start by looking at the network adapter itself and some of the features… Read the full post


Performance Tuning Windows 2012: Storage Subsystem – Part 1

In this article we’ll discuss performance considerations for your storage subsystem. When selecting a storage solution you will usually consider the performance, which improves or degrades when considering multiple factors such as cost, reliability, availability and how easy it is to maintain and manage. There are many factors to consider as storage requests work their… Read the full post

Windows Server 2012 : Towards More Mobility

In our previous article, Windows Server 2012 – New Advanced Features, we introduced some of the many new features that Windows Server 2012 provides to its clients. In this article we will focus on some more, particularly features that ease remote access. The opportunity to work from anywhere with nothing more than an Internet connection was… Read the full post

Windows Server 2012 – New Advanced Features

In this article I would like to share the new things in Windows Server 2012 that grabbed my particular attention. It’s not a full list of the new features, which you can find on the Microsoft official site. It’s more like a summary of the more advanced and intriguing new features.

Performance Tuning Windows 2012: Storage Subsystem – Part 3

In part 3 of our Windows 2012 performance tuning series, we’ll focus on picking the right resiliency scheme for your storage system. We’ll compare the various factors that cause trade-offs when selecting a RAID scheme. To determine the best configuration, you want to look at the read and write loads and decide your budget allowance… Read the full post