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Monitis Launches New Website!

Monitis has launched a new website, with improved functionality, design, and navigation! With our new website you will see features such as; improved homepage design, cleaner layout of page content, and an intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system. This has been done so that our website visitors and our customers can more easily understand the value… Read the full post

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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

The phrase used to be that “millions of consumers are turning to smartphone and tablets”. Sadly, that phrase is very outdated and the new numbers are astounding. By the end of 2014 the total number of worldwide mobile devices will be in excess of 7.3 billion. This equates to more mobile phones than the entire… Read the full post


Why You Should Use a Cloud Based Monitoring Solution

In the world of real estate the key words are; location, location and location. In the world of IT the keys words are; monitor, monitor and monitor. The greatest advantage you can have in any business is knowing what is happening and this is especially true when it comes to your; website, servers and IT… Read the full post

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Case Study for Web Load Tester

The importance of how your website is performing can not be stressed enough. If your site is slow and the pages build poorly it will have a direct affect on how successful your business is. If your site returns error codes because it is suffering from requests that time out it is catastrophic. Your clients… Read the full post


Why Website Performance Matters – How Fast is Your Site?

  Website performance—how fast your website loads—is one of the most important indicators of online success. Even if you have great content and perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a slow website will drive away visitors and make Google think twice about including your site in its results. Here’s why:

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Monitis Integrated Web Load Tester – Protect Your Website and Business

In our previous article we discussed the reintroduction of the integrated Monitis Web Load Tester and why it is so important to you. To properly maintain your sites performance on a day to day basis you should run this test on a set routine schedule and also prior to an anticipated surge in traffic. By… Read the full post