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Windows Server 2012 – New Advanced Features

In this article I would like to share the new things in Windows Server 2012 that grabbed my particular attention. It’s not a full list of the new features, which you can find on the Microsoft official site. It’s more like a summary of the more advanced and intriguing new features.


VDI on Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V: Performance Monitoring Explained–Part 2

In this second part of our monitoring Hyper-V article we’ll discuss the details about Processor, Memory, and Storage monitoring. In part 1 we discussed the Overall Health metric set. Let’s start with the Processor Metrics. Processor Metrics There are three processor-related metric sets:


VDI on Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V: Performance Monitoring Explained–Part 1

In this article we’ll go into VDI (virtual desktop interface) monitoring on Windows Server Hyper-V and in particular what and where to monitor and what counters to utilize to determine of your virtual machine is overloaded and what resources are used. This article focuses on measuring networking, storage, and CPU usage. Windows Hyper-V has three main… Read the full post


Monitis: Changing How We Monitor!

It is no secret that there is a shift in how technology is being delivered.  Cloud, Hosted, and Virtual are all buzz words that are flooding our conversations, emails, and businesses.  While it is easy to ignore them, there is a concern in the monitoring world. Here a few questions that might have entered your… Read the full post

Schematic presentation of virtual server

Virtualization in Q&A

Virtualization in computing, is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as a hardware platform, operating system, a storage device or network resources. The virtualization of servers, networks and databases is all the rage these days, and we at Monitis feel that a good Q&A is in order to answer… Read the full post


Monitoring Hyper-V With PowerShell on Monitis

In previous articles we learned how to perform complex monitoring of Microsoft Windows Servers (How to Monitor Windows Servers with VBScript, WMI and Monitis) and IIS (Monitoring IIS With VBScript via Monitis; It’s so Easy!using ) VBScript. In this article we will describe how to monitor Hyper-V and add Custom Monitors and pages to your… Read the full post