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Monitis SharePoint Monitor

In this 3rd article in our series about SharePoint Server we’ll discuss how easy it is to create custom Monitis monitor to manage the performance of our SharePoint environment. The VBScript SharePoint monitoring source code is available for download from Github public repository and can be easily modified if you want to add additional metrics.… Read the full post


Monitis-Top… Adding Support for FullPage Monitors and Code Optimizations

So far we’ve added support for Internal and External Monitors in Monitis-Top. Now let’s add functionality to support querying the FullPage Monitors. We also made some changes to optimize the source code and utilize the available “topResult” functions in the Monitis API. In our initial article we showed how to use the API functions that… Read the full post


Monitis-Top… an open-source command-line interface for Monitis Agents and Monitors

 In this article we’ll discuss creating a command line interface to query the Monitis Agents and Monitors you have activated for your systems. We’ll provide the source code for the utility in VBScript and we will also be working on a C# version.  We’ll keep things simple for now and start with VBScript and provide… Read the full post

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How to Manage Monitis Monitors with VBScript

Did you know that, using VBScript and powerful Monitis API, you can not only create monitors and feed them with data, but you can also manage your monitors and retrieve information? This group of scripts allows you to perform some tasks without using the Web Console. All scripts share a common configuration file where your… Read the full post


Monitoring IIS With VBScript via Monitis; It’s so Easy!

As Buddy Holly once said: “It’s so easy!”  Rock star Holly was talking about falling in love. But we’re talking about monitoring Internet Information Services (IIS) with Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript) via Monitis. In previous posts, we already learned how to access Performance Counters metrics, and How to Monitor Windows Servers with VBScript, WMI and… Read the full post


How to Easily Monitor Windows Performance Counters with VBScript on Monitis

Monitis provides you with the ability to monitor almost any detail on your Windows server (also see our post How to Monitor Windows Servers with VBScript, WMI and Monitis). Using a simple Visual Basic Script (VBS), you will be able to read the value of any Performance Counter on your Windows Server and send it to… Read the full post