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Global Network Monitoring Gets Even Better

Monitis is proud to announce that they have added new locations to their global network of sites where you can monitor your network or website from. From Moscow to New York, Amsterdam to Australia, Mexico to Mumbai, India to Indianapolis, Singapore to Sweden, Paris to Panama – Monitis works everyday to bring you the best… Read the full post

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Required Website Monitoring

Online shoppers primarily care about the speed of your website, it’s reliability and your business reputation. Of course it is nice that your website has a crisp sharp appearance and is optimized to get your customers attention but this is actually secondary.  Given these widely known and accepted facts, it is imperative that you monitor… Read the full post


How to monitor (almost) anything with Monitis M3 – My very personal use case

Welcome M3 Among the many hats I wear, I also wear a DevOps/SysAdmin hat in Lacoon Security. When I was invited to custom tailor the monitoring solution for Lacoon Security, I didn’t even hesitate and recommended to use Monitis and M3. Partly because I wrote M3 but mainly because I think it is a really… Read the full post

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Low overhead and reliable CPU/memory monitoring using Monitis Custom Monitors

M3 – The Custom Monitors Swiss Tool M3 has been around for a while, receiving numerous improvements on the way. We can gladly announce it as a mature infrastructure now for server monitoring, together with Monitis. M3 lets you, the end user, easily configure checks and upload the data to Monitis. And this time –… Read the full post


Monitis Monitoring Strategies- Start Small and Go Big! (Part 2)

In part one of the Monitis Monitoring Strategies we covered a simple approach to begin monitoring, in this article (Part 2), we will begin to examine the details of Low Cost External monitoring.     Uptime Monitoring Basic Performance Monitoring Detailed Reporting Uptime Monitoring is often the first solution to current downtime or the risk… Read the full post

M3 Timers – improved server monitoring

Unleashing the power of M3 & timers During the lifespan of M3 (Monitis Monitor Manager) there has always been something lacking – timers. M3 execution procedure was outlined in this previous article. The execution mentioned in the latter was a one-time-execution, whereas server monitoring requires periodic invocation of monitors in order to actually provide counters… Read the full post