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Windows Server 2012 – New Advanced Features

In this article I would like to share the new things in Windows Server 2012 that grabbed my particular attention. It’s not a full list of the new features, which you can find on the Microsoft official site. It’s more like a summary of the more advanced and intriguing new features.

How to monitor (almost) anything with Monitis M3 – My very personal use case

Welcome M3 Among the many hats I wear, I also wear a DevOps/SysAdmin hat in Lacoon Security. When I was invited to custom tailor the monitoring solution for Lacoon Security, I didn’t even hesitate and recommended to use Monitis and M3. Partly because I wrote M3 but mainly because I think it is a really… Read the full post

First steps in Computer Forensics: Securing your network

No matter how secure your infrastructure is, sooner or later you will become a victim of a computer crime. Someone may point a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack at your services, may sniff your network, or may copy/delete confidential information. You may not even realize such a thing has happened. However, in an organized… Read the full post

Nine Steps to Secure your Exchange Server

In this article we will list some steps you can take to make sure your Exchange Server is running as securely as possible. 1. Harden the OS We can’t stress enough how important it is to harden the OS that is hosting the Exchange Server. It might seem obvious to you but, in fact, many… Read the full post

Nine steps to secure your IIS7 server

In this article we will focus on some tips you can use in your environment to secure IIS7 servers and the application they’re hosting. 1. The first step you need to take when securing your web server is to harden the OS that hosts it. If you’re using Windows Server 2008 R2, then the server… Read the full post

18 LAMP Security Tips for MySQL

Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP — altogether they mean LAMP. I’m not talking about watts and bulbs. And if you desire is for a comprehensive, robust server, your IT infrastructure has to include all of these systems. Monitis has put together a checklist of 101 actions you can take to maximize security around LAMP.  Hopefully we’re… Read the full post