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Linux Series 2: DNS Zones and BIND9 configuration settings.

In our last tutorial we covered the basics of how to install and configure a LAMP stack running Linux, Apache HTTP server, MySQL, and PHP. Now what is the next step? In this next tutorial we  will be learning how to set up and configure a DNS server. A DNS server is how we are… Read the full post

Python Performance Tips, Part 2

It’s a useful reminder that statically compiled code still matter. Just to name a few, Chrome, Firefox, MySQL, MS Office, and Photoshop are highly optimized software that many of us are using every day. Python, as an interpreted language, is not oblivious to this fact. Python alone cannot meet requirements in some domains where efficiency… Read the full post

Monitoring with Monitis and collectd

As a system administrator, you know that one of the key components of the job is understanding, in minute detail, the performance characteristics and capacity of your systems. While there exists an enormous variety of tools available to measure the performance of various aspects of your systems, wouldn’t you rather have one tool that could… Read the full post

Monitis custom monitors for Amazon AWS CloudWatch metrics

Amazon is a leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. This type of platform — in which servers, network services, and more are provided on-demand — is also known as cloud computing. AWS is used by companies both large and small to build scalable infrastructure as needed, without… Read the full post

Using the Python SDK for Monitis Custom Monitors

One advantage of using Monitis to monitor your systems and applications is the flexibility to use either the native agent or custom monitor code written in virtually any language. For custom monitors, the REST API provides the basic foundation to interface programmatically with Monitis. For many popular languages, there are open source SDKs available to… Read the full post

Python Performance Tips, Part 1

To read the Zen of Python, type import this in your Python interpreter. A sharp reader new to Python will notice the word “interpreter”, and realize that Python is another scripting language. “It must be slow!” No question about it: Python program does not run as fast or efficiently as compiled languages. Even Python advocates… Read the full post