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Who Should Have Access to Your IT Monitoring Tools

Assigning access to IT monitoring tools isn’t an exact science. Data should be available to those who use it effectively to make decisions. But who are those people – and where in your organization will you find them?   Generally speaking, those with access to IT monitoring data should know how to identify and prioritize… Read the full post


Monitis Adds Real User Monitoring

  Monitis is happy to announce the addition of Real User Monitoring to its suite of premium enterprise services! Being able to determine exactly how your real users experience your website is a critical need of every business and it is exactly what you get with Real User Monitoring. You can see exactly how your… Read the full post

Armen Khrimyan

Monitis Talk: What 2014 Will Bring

Armen Khrimyan, Product Manager of Monitis, talks about his personal highlights of 2013 and unveils some of the 2014 features.   1. Monitis is an industry leading supplier of monitoring services and has had significant success. How does it feel to be part of this team?   The network/application monitoring arena is an ever evolving… Read the full post

global monitoring

Why is a Global Monitoring Network a good thing?

Network monitoring is fast becoming one of the most time consuming, yet important jobs for the IT professional. Anytime a website is down, or applications on the site are not working properly, means the potential for lost time and money, In today’s competitive environment, uptime is key. This is why monitoring solutions have become such… Read the full post

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Monitis Talk

  Interview with Mikayel Vardanyan: Monitis CTO     Mr. Vardanyan is one of the original founders of Monitis, coming with a vision of co-creating a dynamic web monitoring tool and has been the CTO at Monitis since that point. He holds degrees in; Informatics and Applied Mathematics, has a Masters Computer and Information Science… Read the full post

Monitis and M3 at Velocity 2012

Velocity 2012 Last week I was honored to be invited to the famous Velocity 2012 conference in Santa Clara California, hosted by O’Reilly. Monitis was one of the silver sponsors. It was a great opportunity for me to meet the wonderful team I’ve been working with for the last year. Velocity is all about web and… Read the full post