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DevOps – Getting the most from it

So exactly how do you kickstart a DevOps strategy? For example, say your organization is tied down to a very sequential, but cumbersome Waterfall approach to software development that is wasting precious dollars and hindering productivity? In the following we’ve outlined some strategy tips that every business leader will need to consider as they start down the… Read the full post


Monitis Launches New Website!

Monitis has launched a new website, with improved functionality, design, and navigation! With our new website you will see features such as; improved homepage design, cleaner layout of page content, and an intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system. This has been done so that our website visitors and our customers can more easily understand the value… Read the full post


Monitis Available on Zapier – Feel The Power of Integration

Monitis, the premier cloud based monitoring company, is happy to announce that it is now on Zapier and you have the capability to integrate Monitis with hundreds of other web apps to automate tasks. With the integration of Monitis with Zapier you can now have set tasks automatically completed quickly and free up even more of… Read the full post


Hackathon 2013 – A Huge Success For Monitis

This past Friday kicked off the Friday the 13th Hackathon and as you saw in the previous post, the competition was steep and the work was fast and furious. This years’ Hackathon had 5 teams from Monitis, participating with projects challenging them to succeed in a very short period of just a single day. After… Read the full post


Monitoring apache & nginx using Monitis and M3

    Apache and Nginx web servers both expose a very nice interface for polling the web server status via HTTP, providing you with useful counters for statistics and up-time.


Ecommerce Monitoring – Why, What and How part 1

The questions are always the same when it comes to monitoring your network; why to monitor, what to monitor and how to monitor. These are important questions for all networks but uniquely so for ecommerce companies.