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Improving usability of Monitis

We are working hard to improve the user experience of our users and today we are announcing the launch of three new features, that we believe will improve your user experience with Monitis. The first new feature lets users export their tests configuration to a CSV file. The exported file contains basic information about user’s… Read the full post

Monitis Monitoring Strategies- Start Small and Go Big! (Part 2)

In part one of the Monitis Monitoring Strategies we covered a simple approach to begin monitoring, in this article (Part 2), we will begin to examine the details of Low Cost External monitoring.     Uptime Monitoring Basic Performance Monitoring Detailed Reporting Uptime Monitoring is often the first solution to current downtime or the risk… Read the full post

Monitis Monitoring Strategies- Start Small and Go Big! (Part 1)

Often times when implementing a monitoring solution where, and how to get started can be overwhelming.  It can be especially overwhelming with powerful tools, because you can truly monitor anything.   This series of articles will take a look at some strategies to implement monitoring into your company in a stepped approach, as well as how… Read the full post

The simplicity of server monitoring: Monitis & M3

M3 (Monitis Monitor Manager) framework usage and examples were outlined in a few previous articles: M3 – introduction Planning your vacation / HTTP extraction However we’ve never explained the bits and bytes behind it and what was the initial motivation for implementing it. This article will outline the motivation, design, implementation and perhaps also the… Read the full post

Too busy to go premium? Our New Upgrade Wizard will do it for you

Mon.itor.us is our 100% free website and server monitoring service. It is unique among similar services in that it imposes no cap on the number of URL’s monitored. As a result, we have some users monitoring hundreds, even thousands of URL’s from one account, for free, forever. That’s great, but what if you want to… Read the full post

New functionality in Monitis/Mon.itor.us(January-February 2011)

We’re hard at work improving the usability of our monitoring service. Here are some new features. 1. Downtime in Notification Alerts. We added downtime to notification alerts to provide instant visibility into how long an issue has been taking place. 2. SLA reports show one result for ALL selection. To exclude network fluctuations from site… Read the full post