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Web Analytics & Optimization Tools You Shouldn’t be Without – Part 3

There is significant value in being able to determine how your site visitors are using your site. What are the keywords they’re searching on to get to your site? Where are the traffic sources that your visitors are getting to reach your site – are they coming from search engines, or referral traffic from non-search… Read the full post


Using Yahoo’s PureCSS Framework – Part 2

In the first part of this article, I reviewed how PureCSS works and the modules behind it. I also cited some examples of the first three modules that is the Base, Grid, and Form module. If you have read it, I’m pretty sure you’re amazed how awesome this framework is. I know there are a… Read the full post


Using Yahoo’s Pure CSS Framework – Part 1

  The world of front-end design has become so much more complex that there are around dozen different frameworks for crafting quality websites. Today, we bring you a rather lesser known friend of Bootstrap, called PureCSS by Yahoo. It is a set of small responsive CSS modules that works best with your dynamic web projects.… Read the full post


This Week in Website Performance

This Week in Website Performance is a weekly feature of the Monitis.com blog. It summarizes recent articles about website performance. Why? Because your friends at Monitis.com care.