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Why is a Global Monitoring Network a good thing?

Network monitoring is fast becoming one of the most time consuming, yet important jobs for the IT professional. Anytime a website is down, or applications on the site are not working properly, means the potential for lost time and money, In today’s competitive environment, uptime is key. This is why monitoring solutions have become such… Read the full post


Monitis Talk: HostingCon 2013

Monitis Talk: Interview with Bianca Belmont, Monitis Sales Representative HostingCon 2013 was held in Austin, Texas this year and Monitis was very happy to be participating as a Gold Sponsor. Monitis was an active sponsor and the booth we had there attracted a lot of attention from the conference visitors. One of our seasoned Monitis… Read the full post

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Monitis Integrated Web Load Tester – Protect Your Website and Business

In our previous article we discussed the reintroduction of the integrated Monitis Web Load Tester and why it is so important to you. To properly maintain your sites performance on a day to day basis you should run this test on a set routine schedule and also prior to an anticipated surge in traffic. By… Read the full post

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Network Server Monitoring Optimizes Your Business

  It would be a big challenge today to find a business that does not rely on computer technology. Even the smallest of businesses require this and the vast majority of businesses moves well beyond that simple level and establish their own networks. Doing this allows; streamlining operations, enhanced  communications, shared data storage, consolidated reporting… Read the full post

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Monitis, Web Hosting and Cloud Service Providers Plan for the Future

The premier North American Cloud Services and Web hosting show of the year, HostingCon 2013, kicked off earlier this week in Austin, Texas. Annually attended by all the major players, they gather to do a lot more than just show off their products. The show has a history of attracting; the industry leaders, the aggressive… Read the full post

What happened in 2012 in Monitis

2012 has been an exciting year for Monitis and for its users. We have worked hard to deliver you the best possible monitoring experience and dramatically  improved  the product.  Take a look at some of the most significant things that happened in Monitis this year. We are sure, you’ll love them!