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Windows Service Monitoring With Monitis

  Now you can have complete monitoring of Microsoft Windows services, such as;  Exchange Server, SharePoint services, MSSQL services, DHCP services and more.  With this new service you will be able to monitor the condition of every Windows service (Exchange, DHCP, IIS, etc) and will know whether they are running or whether they have stopped.  … Read the full post

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Network Server Monitoring Optimizes Your Business

  It would be a big challenge today to find a business that does not rely on computer technology. Even the smallest of businesses require this and the vast majority of businesses moves well beyond that simple level and establish their own networks. Doing this allows; streamlining operations, enhanced  communications, shared data storage, consolidated reporting… Read the full post


Choosing the Right Metrics for Monitoring your Application

When it comes to monitoring various applications, it is critical to define the key metrics to monitor, in order to get the precise picture of how your application is performing. That sounds easy enough, but the “simple” idea of defining key metrics is hard to implement in reality, because: The absolute number of metrics may… Read the full post


Monitis Monitor Manager Installation Guide: Start Monitoring (almost) Everything!

M3 and the previous version We are really proud of  Monitis Monitor Manager (M3) a tool that enables you to  easily configure checks and upload the data to Monitis. We are certain that it has a great potential that can be unleashed with the help of the Monitis community and various interested developers. It is really… Read the full post

Using M3 to take System Monitors to the Next Level

Monitis provides built in functionality to monitor a wide variety of system statistics as well as the ability to create custom system monitors.  Monitis Monitor Manager, or M3 for short, allows you to take these custom monitors even further by providing you with a simple framework to use the incredible power of regular expressions to… Read the full post