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What happens in Alexa, stays in Alexa

Are you interested in what happens when the Christmas rush ends? That’s exactly right, we start receiving information about the holiday’s impact not only on our wallets, but also on any kind of work process. This article is no exception. The illustrations presented are made based on December data and the Monitis users’ data library.… Read the full post

Apache rules the whole world, Russians cling to NginX

This is the third article in the series of articles about the trends among websites in Alexa ranking websites. In our article about most popular webservers in Alexa we found out that Apache is the most popular webserver, with NginX following.  We thought this data was interesting and dug deeper into data to find out the… Read the full post

Apache rules Alexa, with NginX, Microsoft and others playing catch-up

Alexa themes are still real and still interesting. Let me drill down into several statistics and data to derive some regularity and pattern information about the Web servers, implied for WebPages, that are enrolled in alexa.com. To do this, we need the detailed analyses of the data retrieved from HTTP headers.  Let’s start with the… Read the full post

Alexa flirted with webmasters…

The interest in alexa.com hasn’t diminished, even with the holidays coming to the fore. The matter of how Alexa works interests many of us, so we decided to look more closely at Alexa. We derived that on 1st December there were 964 unreachable websites with ranks in the range of 104-99993 in alexa.com . But… Read the full post