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Bandwidth monitoring with ntop & Monitis

ntop bandwidth monitor ntop is a very simple yet powerful bandwidth monitor which outputs various statistics counters in RRD. RRD – Round Robin Database – is a very handy framework for saving server performance counters in a ring buffer. We can say that if we would like to graph network performance, ntop does most of… Read the full post

PostgreSQL monitoring with Monitis

Generic server monitoring with Monitis & M3 Had I been told to monitor a cat chasing a mouse with Monitis, my answer would have been – “Yes, it’s probably possible”. With the not-so-recent addition of M3 to the arsenal of monitoring tools Monitis can utilize, it is possible to monitor anything. However this alone is… Read the full post

M3 Timers – improved server monitoring

Unleashing the power of M3 & timers During the lifespan of M3 (Monitis Monitor Manager) there has always been something lacking – timers. M3 execution procedure was outlined in this previous article. The execution mentioned in the latter was a one-time-execution, whereas server monitoring requires periodic invocation of monitors in order to actually provide counters… Read the full post

M3 code refactor & DBI support

Pluggable M3 (Monitis Monitor Manager) Framework Who needs an introduction about M3? – Perhaps no one! After gaining some reputation with M3, providing extra-easy integration of any monitor into Monitis it was time to take it to the next level. Generally speaking, the work flow of M3 was described in detail in this article. After… Read the full post

Nagios Web Site

Nagios to Monitis converter: Making life easier for sysadmins

In the previous article we’ve shown how easy it is to integrate popular Nagios server monitoring commands, or plugins, with Monitis M3 monitoring framework. However, given the fact you have a working Nagios configuration, which is vast and complex – I can sympathize with your unwillingness to actually migrate to Monitis.

Monitort Your Server Now

More Innovation from Monitis: Smart Agent Perl Installer

Here at Monitis, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to improving and enhancing our products. We want our monitoring tools to constantly become more perfect than they are. That’s why we’re always posting about different or new ways to use Monitis — or adding new features. This post is about the latest new feature… Read the full post