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Monitis Announces Global Traceroute Service

Web System Administrators Can Instantly Check Their Networks, Implement Quick Fixes Press Release SAN JOSÉ, CA., June 3, 2011 – Monitis, the award-winning provider of the world’s first all-in-one systems monitoring cloudware, has launched a new free tool, Monitis Global Traceroute, which will enable system administrators and webmasters to instantly trace the Internet routes, or… Read the full post

The NoSQL Databases – A Look at HBase

Perhaps you’ve caught our series of blogs about NoSQL database storage tools?! Monitis has begun providing guidance on picking the right tool to match your company’s IT computing needs. In our previous blog post on NoSQL, we offered a comprehensive overview of Apache Cassandra – one of the many (currently there’s more than 100 popular… Read the full post

30 Tips to Optimize HTML/CSS/Images for Smooth Web Experience

Do you want your customers and/or employees to have a speedy, no-hassle end-user experience when they use your website or server, respectively? Of course you do – because an unsatisfied end-user means lost business – as in the case of a customer – or a really annoyed employee – as in the case of a… Read the full post

NoSQL Databases – A Look at Apache Cassandra

In a series of blogs, Monitis has begun providing guidance on picking the right NoSQL database storage tool that meets your company’s needs. In our previous blog, we offered a comprehensive overview of why NoSQL technology is important and how it compares with Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs). Now, we’d like to get a bit… Read the full post

Picking the Right NoSQL Database Tool

  Gosh; there are so many NoSQL database storage tools out there. It’s almost as bad as brands of sport drinks or water. Have you noticed that some mega-supermarkets have whole aisles dedicated to what we drink! As an IT system administrator or manager, it’s sometimes very hard to compare various NoSQL tools. It involves… Read the full post

Dedicated Server Hostings Compared