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Throw a Party and Ask Everyone to BYOD

1984.  No, not the book by George Orwell.  It’s also year that the first PDA was released. Yes, believe it or not, it has been almost 20 years.  At first, these handy devices were seen as a luxury item, that only high level executives, professional business people and sales people who worked on the road… Read the full post

How to make your website load faster?

Last week, we looked at YSlow and its uses (you can find the article here). Today, we are going to talk a bit more about the specific processes involved in improving your site speed across a variety of metrics. The metrics implemented in the YSlow software are 23 in reality; however, there are a few… Read the full post

Web Developers’ Ultimate Toolkit

The web-developer today is increasingly faced with so many open source tools to choose from in producing a final piece of software that it can almost seem daunting. What we aim to do here is to simplify the process by describing 5 key (and free!) open-source sites that every developer should include in their toolkit.… Read the full post

Website Performance Best Practices by Yahoo!

YSlow is a free developer tool built by the smart engineers at Yahoo. YSlow analyses web pages across an array of metrics and gives a final grade. If you are conscious about the performance of a website, YSlow is your answer. Let’s talk a bit more about YSlow.

Improving .NET Performance Part 17: Measuring .NET Application Performance (II)

This is part II of measuring .NET application performance. The .NET Framework provides a series of performance counters, which you can monitor using System Monitor and other monitoring tools. To measure other aspects of .NET application performance, you need to add instrumentation to your applications.

Setting up a CodeIgniter app with Xeround Cloud Database

This brief tutorial will enable web application developers to harness the power of cloud computing database, Xeround, with the best PHP MVC framework in town, CodeIgniter. Xeround is an Israeli web startup, launched back in 2005. It specializes in cloud database software technologies, operating in the PaaS domain. Xeround is primarily known for its MySQL… Read the full post