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Where in the World is the Internet the Fastest?

Just last week IBM set a new record for the fastest data transfer at a an amazingly fast 64 Gigabyte per second!!! At this transfer rate and if we assume a quality movie requires approximately 4.7Gb, you could download an entire movie in a fraction of a second, actually you could download 14 movies in… Read the full post

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E-commerce – Uptime and Web apps are the keys

Since 2011 e-commerce has grown from $856,000,000.00 to closing out 2013 at more than $1,248,000,000,000.00 in global revenues, a nearly 41% growth rate over a two year span. The forecast for 2014  is targeted at $1,500,000,000,000.00, another 20% increase is gross revenues (see chart below). With trillions of dollars in play year on year now,… Read the full post

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Monitis Rates the Leading Online Retailers

E-commerce is a huge business channel and is growing every year. Brick and mortar stores struggle to compete with the power of online and we have seen many of them just disappear. This year the e-commerce forecast is pegged at a 20.1% growth rate from last year and will top out at approximately 1.5 trillion… Read the full post

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New and Improved Contact Management and Billing From Monitis

With the improved Contact Management now you can do everything you need from a single window – create, delete or rename your contact groups, or, add/edit/remove contacts and assign contacts to specific group. It’s also much easier to set up alert rules and customize them between the groups. So now your tasks of managing your… Read the full post

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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

The phrase used to be that “millions of consumers are turning to smartphone and tablets”. Sadly, that phrase is very outdated and the new numbers are astounding. By the end of 2014 the total number of worldwide mobile devices will be in excess of 7.3 billion. This equates to more mobile phones than the entire… Read the full post


Introduction to HortonWorks Virtual Machine (VM)

Hortonworks is a company which provides a virtual environment pre-configured with Hadoop. The Hortonworks Sandbox includes the latest developments from HDP distribution. With this environment you can save a lot of time of installation and configuration. Hortonworks also provides tutorials with which you can use to start learning Hadoop. With the Sandbox it is very… Read the full post