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Big Data Tools that You Need to Know About – Hadoop & NoSQL – Part 1

  In the last series we introduced the concept of ‘Big Data’ as a big deal that has captured global interest in recent years and provides a gold mine of opportunities for businesses that can leverage it effectively. Now we want to focus our attention on two of the major toolsets that can help companies… Read the full post

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Big Data – What is it and Why is it Important – Part 4

  In Part 3 of this series we found out that Big Data is a huge revenue generator for business that is expected to drive $232 billion in spending through 2016. In this installment we’ll continue to explore why Big Data must become a critical part of any business strategy in the 21st century.  … Read the full post


Enhanced Load Tester – Can your site handle the holiday load?

The holiday season is racing towards us quickly and the biggest question you should be asking is, “Is my website ready for the super surge in traffic?” Last years busy shopping season saw sales online on the busiest day of nearly $2,000,000,000 and experts are forecasting an 18% increase this year. So, are you ready,… Read the full post

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This Week in Website Performance

This Week in Website Performance is a weekly feature of the Monitis.com blog. It summarizes recent articles about website performance. How to make yourweb site better, how to improve your users experience when they come to your website and how to optimize the overall experience. Why? Because your friends at Monitis.com care. Ultimate Guide to… Read the full post

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Big Data – What is it and Why is it Important – Part 3

  In the previous articles (part 1 and part 2)of this series we introduced the idea of Big Data as a seismic transformation in how information is captured, processed, and disseminated throughout all levels of society. We also looked at the origins and expansion of Big Data as a direct corollary of the internet. The… Read the full post


New Features in Bootstrap 3.0 (Part 2)

      With Bootstrap, web developers have a wide range of options for personalization and customization. While the focus of the newest version of Bootstrap is mobile accessibility, developers are still able to disable responsive web design features. With a suite of powerful tools, it provides web developer with a number of ways to… Read the full post