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9 Signs You Are Too Involved With The Internet

1. Your browsing history might reveal more of you than you’d care to admit.   You can pretty much find anything online if you know where to look for it and in most cases it will show up in your browser history afterwards. Of course there’s the incognito mode but how often do you actually… Read the full post

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Website Crashes – Embarrassing and Costly

As we look at the need for testing and stressing your website to determine how much traffic it can handle we have seen time and again how catastrophic this can be if you don’t do it. It steals away revenues and profits, it hurts your reputation and in some cases the community embarrassment can be… Read the full post

Invoices List

Invoices List Redesign

We have redesigned the Invoice list and have added it to the “Profile” dialog! The invoices will now be presented in monthly or yearly format, depending on your plan.   Access it the same way as before by clicking on “Account” then “Invoices” or simply go to your Profile.  


Get to us Faster: Enjoy our Updated HELP Dialog

Instead of looking for different answers in different places, we have now included all help related information in one centralized location.   Just go to your Dashboard and click on the “HELP” button, located on the bottom of your left toolbar, to submit requests, find contact information, FAQ’s and more.        

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Business Perspective of New Survey

  To understand the constantly evolving e-commerce landscape it is of great value to collect information and opinions from; shoppers, business owners and senior management. By doing this we can obtain a clear and current view of what is happening and where e-commerce is going. A recent survey of American e-shoppers spanned; age groups, geography, and… Read the full post


Outage Report Update

We have made a modification to the Monitis Outage report to make it easier for you to track activity and understand what happened when. In the new report the time an outage occurs will now automatically reflect your time zone, as opposed to the previous reports which always referenced GMT.