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Tuning Windows 2012 – Active Directory – Part 2

  If your Active Directory domain controller doesn’t just seem to perform as expected, you can use several resources to conduct a performance diagnosis.  You can use the following Reliability and Performance Monitor (Perfmon) counters to track and analyze a domain controller’s performance:   If you notice slow write or read operations, check the following… Read the full post


Tuning Windows 2012 – Active Directory – Part 1

In this new series of articles we’ll discuss improving the performance of Active Directory Servers.  You can improve the performance of Active Directory, by following these tuning steps:   Use an appropriate amount of RAM   Active Directory uses RAM to cache as much of the directory database as possible. This reduces disk access and… Read the full post


Tuning Windows 2012 – Remote Desktop Session Host – Part 2

Most of the CPU usage on an RD Session Host system is driven by applications. Desktop applications are usually optimized toward responsiveness with the goal of minimizing how long it takes an application to respond to a user request. However in a server environment, it is equally important to minimize the total amount of CPU… Read the full post


Tuning Windows 2012 – Remote Desktop Session Host – Part 1

In this article in our Tuning Windows 2012 Server, we’ll look at ways to optimize the Remote Desktop Session Host, formerly “Terminal Server.”  The key factors that affect the number of users and their experience are CPU, memory, disk, and graphics.  The information in this article is mostly relevant to the multiuser environment of RD… Read the full post


Q3 Additions and Enhancements from Monitis

      “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Read all about it!”                                 During the past few months the product development team at Monitis has been working away diligently to bring you the features and services you have been asking for.… Read the full post

global monitoring

Why is a Global Monitoring Network a good thing?

Network monitoring is fast becoming one of the most time consuming, yet important jobs for the IT professional. Anytime a website is down, or applications on the site are not working properly, means the potential for lost time and money, In today’s competitive environment, uptime is key. This is why monitoring solutions have become such… Read the full post