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Big Data for the small business – part 1

Big Data continues to churn away as one of the most formidable technological and market influences of the modern digital era. Companies are collectively spending billions on this phenomenon. In fact, the year 2014 is when Big Data adoption is expected to go mainstream for the enterprise with an average of $8 million invested per company. A… Read the full post

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Animated Responsive Grids using Masonry

Responsive Web Design – Who hasn’t heard of this? Well, if you are a web designer/front-end architect, you probably have incorporated this concept in your projects already. Today, we will take this popular web trend one step further to talk about Animated Responsive Grids. Animated Responsive Grids are cascading grids that animate when you resize… Read the full post


Cyber Monday Lesson For Motorola – Load Test!

The holiday online shopping season is in full swing. Billions of dollars are setting new records since the Thanksgiving holiday. The official cyber holiday shopping season began and during the three mega deal days of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday the total online sales are up a whopping 25% at a total of over… Read the full post


Using Yahoo’s PureCSS Framework – Part 2

In the first part of this article, I reviewed how PureCSS works and the modules behind it. I also cited some examples of the first three modules that is the Base, Grid, and Form module. If you have read it, I’m pretty sure you’re amazed how awesome this framework is. I know there are a… Read the full post


Monitoring apache & nginx using Monitis and M3

    Apache and Nginx web servers both expose a very nice interface for polling the web server status via HTTP, providing you with useful counters for statistics and up-time.

Configuring JBoss 7 with Apache

There are a number of articles out there about deploying applications to JBoss and about how to monitor JBoss, and in them the web application is usually accessed by pointing a browser to the web container running on port 8080. In enterprise production environments however, the application server does not exist in a vacuum – JBoss… Read the full post