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Monitis Adds Apache Tomcat Monitor

Apache Tomcat is the one of the world’s most extensively used application servers and has nurtured along its reputation with application developers due to its lightweight nature and ease of use and by providing a commanding application platform with none of the price or difficulty of the traditional Java Enterprise Edition platforms.  Monitis is proud to… Read the full post

Windows Server 2012 – New Advanced Features

In this article I would like to share the new things in Windows Server 2012 that grabbed my particular attention. It’s not a full list of the new features, which you can find on the Microsoft official site. It’s more like a summary of the more advanced and intriguing new features.

CodeIgniter Security tips

The security of your web application cannot be compromised. According to Symantec, one of the world’s foremost security firms, there are 4 vulnerabilities (XXS, SQL, Enumeration, Remote Execution) to web applications. The evaluation below shows the results of tests conducted on a sample CodeIgniter web application to deduce the level of security of the system.… Read the full post

How to monitor (almost) anything with Monitis M3 – My very personal use case

Welcome M3 Among the many hats I wear, I also wear a DevOps/SysAdmin hat in Lacoon Security. When I was invited to custom tailor the monitoring solution for Lacoon Security, I didn’t even hesitate and recommended to use Monitis and M3. Partly because I wrote M3 but mainly because I think it is a really… Read the full post

Monitis and M3 at Velocity 2012

Velocity 2012 Last week I was honored to be invited to the famous Velocity 2012 conference in Santa Clara California, hosted by O’Reilly. Monitis was one of the silver sponsors. It was a great opportunity for me to meet the wonderful team I’ve been working with for the last year. Velocity is all about web and… Read the full post

Linux Series 1: Dedicated Linux server – Host your own

Welcome to a new article on “Linux Dedicated Hosting” and how to host your own web server. This will be an ongoing series with the end goal being hosting your own domain (www.yoursitehere.com) and allowing others the ability to buy server space from you and make a profit online. The first step is to get… Read the full post