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10 Tips for Monitoring Best Practices (Alerting and Notifications)

Monitoring tools are only as good as YOU make them!  Not really what you wanted to hear?  Sorry but the truth will set you FREE.  This Article will cover 10 Tips for Monitoring Best Practices.  Guess what… they are all about YOU not the monitoring tools or features! All monitoring solutions simply do what YOU… Read the full post

Using the Python SDK for Monitis Custom Monitors

One advantage of using Monitis to monitor your systems and applications is the flexibility to use either the native agent or custom monitor code written in virtually any language. For custom monitors, the REST API provides the basic foundation to interface programmatically with Monitis. For many popular languages, there are open source SDKs available to… Read the full post

NGINX Best Practices

  Need for Speed? With its first public release in 2004, NGINX now is the second most used web server in the world. This is quite impressive considering NGINX was born among several big players including Apache, Microsoft IIS, and other popular web server software. By sharing best practices and a few tips today, we… Read the full post

Monitoring OS X with AppleScript and Monitis

As a system administrator, you will often need to get information about the health and performance of your systems, using only whatever tools are available. Monitis, and its REST API, give you the utmost in flexibility, allowing you to use whatever tools you have, on any system. In this article, we’ll take a look at… Read the full post

Create a System Load Monitor for Mac OS X on Monitis

A system administrator’s job is frequently an ongoing battle with complexity.  In an ideal world, we would manage all of our systems on similar or identical platforms, greatly simplifying the job of configuring, updating, and monitoring them.  In practice, the requirements of the applications we support often dictate that we manage a huge variety of… Read the full post