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Why Is Linux Cooler Than Windows?

What is it about Linux which attracts geeks—and even non-geeks—away from Windows? It seems crazy. Windows has some of the most advanced software in the world, it works automatically on every PC with every device, and anyone who masters it is almost assured a high-paying tech job. But, still, geeks flock to Linux. Why is… Read the full post


Quick Tips For Linux Administrators

The first time you use sudo on a Linux system, it quotes the famous line from Spiderman: “with great power comes great responsibility.” Using your power responsibly can be challenging on a system as powerful as Linux, where one typo can turn an ordinary rm command into a command which removes your root directory. Here… Read the full post


FreeRadius Server Monitoring

Introduction One of the most popular protocols for regulating access to the Internet or any computer network is the Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (Radius). It is based on the AAA protocol and serves three purposes: authenticate users for network access; authorize them for services; and account for their services usage. It is widely used by… Read the full post

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Linux Series 2: DNS Zones and BIND9 configuration settings.

In our last tutorial we covered the basics of how to install and configure a LAMP stack running Linux, Apache HTTP server, MySQL, and PHP. Now what is the next step? In this next tutorial we  will be learning how to set up and configure a DNS server. A DNS server is how we are… Read the full post

dedicated linux server hosting

Linux Series 1: Dedicated Linux server – Host your own

Welcome to a new article on “Linux Dedicated Hosting” and how to host your own web server. This will be an ongoing series with the end goal being hosting your own domain (www.yoursitehere.com) and allowing others the ability to buy server space from you and make a profit online. The first step is to get… Read the full post

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More Innovation from Monitis: Smart Agent Perl Installer

Here at Monitis, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to improving and enhancing our products. We want our monitoring tools to constantly become more perfect than they are. That’s why we’re always posting about different or new ways to use Monitis — or adding new features. This post is about the latest new feature… Read the full post