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E-commerce – Uptime and Web apps are the keys

Since 2011 e-commerce has grown from $856,000,000.00 to closing out 2013 at more than $1,248,000,000,000.00 in global revenues, a nearly 41% growth rate over a two year span. The forecast for 2014  is targeted at $1,500,000,000,000.00, another 20% increase is gross revenues (see chart below). With trillions of dollars in play year on year now,… Read the full post


Q3 Additions and Enhancements from Monitis

      “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Read all about it!”                                 During the past few months the product development team at Monitis has been working away diligently to bring you the features and services you have been asking for.… Read the full post


Missed Any of our Changes Over The Last Three Months?

Here at Monitis, we’re on a mission to not only build the best product but also, at the same time, make it more user-friendly. We listen to your feedback and suggestions and take various steps to improve our services, tools and features to make YOUR life easier. In any given week, you can see a… Read the full post


Monitis Adds Apache Tomcat Monitor

Apache Tomcat is the one of the world’s most extensively used application servers and has nurtured along its reputation with application developers due to its lightweight nature and ease of use and by providing a commanding application platform with none of the price or difficulty of the traditional Java Enterprise Edition platforms.  Monitis is proud to… Read the full post


Monitoring apache & nginx using Monitis and M3

    Apache and Nginx web servers both expose a very nice interface for polling the web server status via HTTP, providing you with useful counters for statistics and up-time.

How to Proxyfy Apache

INTRODUCTION There are a variety of ways to implement proxying capabilities for web servers. As Apache is the most popular web server, we will try to implement proxying on it. Everyone who knows Apache well, probably knows that Apache implements proxying capability for AJP13 , FTP, CONNECT , HTTP/1.x. The choice of reverse proxy server is fully dependent on what is… Read the full post