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Monitis Available on Zapier – Feel The Power of Integration

Monitis, the premier cloud based monitoring company, is happy to announce that it is now on Zapier and you have the capability to integrate Monitis with hundreds of other web apps to automate tasks. With the integration of Monitis with Zapier you can now have set tasks automatically completed quickly and free up even more of… Read the full post

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Web Analytics & Optimization Tools You Shouldn’t be Without – Part 5

  So far we’ve looked at a number of approaches to web analytics  – Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and Optimizely – that really focus on providing optics into storefront traffic patterns for your site. However, there is another side of your infrastructure that you really need to pay attention to if you want to maximize… Read the full post

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Web Analytics & Optimization Tools You Shouldn’t be Without – Part 3

There is significant value in being able to determine how your site visitors are using your site. What are the keywords they’re searching on to get to your site? Where are the traffic sources that your visitors are getting to reach your site – are they coming from search engines, or referral traffic from non-search… Read the full post


Monitoring Automation with the Monitis WHMCS Plugin

WHMCS is the complete automation solution for Web Hosting companies. Its’ purpose and value is that it automates hosting and domain management, recurring billing and has fully integrated support tools. Monitis is excited to announce that we have increased our suite of services by now introducing the Monitis Addon for WHMCS. With the Monitis Addon… Read the full post

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Big Data for the small business – part 2

Big Data is big business, not just for the enterprise but for the small business as well. And lest you think that it’s just a passing technology fad or else you don’t have enough data to explore, simply consider the enormity of Big Data. Did you know that every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data… Read the full post

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Big Data for the small business – part 1

Big Data continues to churn away as one of the most formidable technological and market influences of the modern digital era. Companies are collectively spending billions on this phenomenon. In fact, the year 2014 is when Big Data adoption is expected to go mainstream for the enterprise with an average of $8 million invested per company. A… Read the full post