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MONITIS Announces Streamlined Pricing Plan

Monitis is happy to announce the implementation of an updated pricing plan that will allow customers, existing and new, to more effectively manage their monitoring costs specific to their needs and to their growth. We have moved away from the traditional “prepackaged” pricing options and have moved forward with a “plan builder” that empowers you… Read the full post


Why You Should Use a Cloud Based Monitoring Solution

In the world of real estate the key words are; location, location and location. In the world of IT the keys words are; monitor, monitor and monitor. The greatest advantage you can have in any business is knowing what is happening and this is especially true when it comes to your; website, servers and IT… Read the full post


Monitis Talk: HostingCon 2013

Monitis Talk: Interview with Bianca Belmont, Monitis Sales Representative HostingCon 2013 was held in Austin, Texas this year and Monitis was very happy to be participating as a Gold Sponsor. Monitis was an active sponsor and the booth we had there attracted a lot of attention from the conference visitors. One of our seasoned Monitis… Read the full post


Monitoring apache & nginx using Monitis and M3

    Apache and Nginx web servers both expose a very nice interface for polling the web server status via HTTP, providing you with useful counters for statistics and up-time.

How I built a monitor for RabbitMQ

When you are going to monitor your engine, you probably try first to find some tool that can do it. Very likely, of course, that tool should be able to handle monitoring online and to notify you when the health of your engine is starting to go bad. There are already several well-known and widespread… Read the full post

How to monitor (almost) anything with Monitis M3 – My very personal use case

Welcome M3 Among the many hats I wear, I also wear a DevOps/SysAdmin hat in Lacoon Security. When I was invited to custom tailor the monitoring solution for Lacoon Security, I didn’t even hesitate and recommended to use Monitis and M3. Partly because I wrote M3 but mainly because I think it is a really… Read the full post