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New: Monitis addon for WHMCS

Monitis is excited to announce that we have increased our suite of services by now introducing the Monitis Addon for WHMCS.   With the Monitis Addon for WHMCS , hosting companies can now experience the huge value of having their monitoring needs fully automated!     With Monitis addon for WHMCS you get:   •… Read the full post

Contact Management

Improved Contact Management View

We are happy to announce that Monitis Contact Management View has undergone a very pretty redo.   Now you can do everything you need from a single window – create, delete or rename your contact groups, or add, edit or remove contacts and assign contacts to specific group. It’s also much easier to set up… Read the full post


Cross domain requests for API

  Monitis API has now opened access for cross domain requests. This means that you can make Monitis REST API calls directly from the client side (e.g. Java Script). This makes coding easier and keeps the load of your servers light.   You can see API documentation  here >


New: MSI Windows Installer

Monitis introduces its new    MSI Windows Installer.  You can use  this new tool to synchronize the installation, maintenance and removal of Monitis Smart Agent on Microsoft Windows systems.   It’s a very convenient tool for installing/updating agents on many servers simultaneously.   Click here    to get the setup guide.  

Trend view

Trend View for Uptime Monitors

Now it’s possible to visually see the trends of your uptime monitors and their dynamics over time.  With the new Trend View feature in Monitis you can easily visualize the  general trend of your monitoring data.   It is a “one time” feature, meaning that when you select it the trend line will appear (if… Read the full post

Failed Monitors View

Failed Monitors View

Failed Monitors View is a useful new feature from Monitis that makes it possible to quickly detect all monitors that are experiencing a problem. In Failed Monitors View you’ll find the monitors sorted by their type and all you need to do is click on each of them to see the details.  As soon as… Read the full post