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New Monitis Dashboard Video Tutorial

Start Exploring Monitis API with cURL

Monitis is a powerful one-stop monitoring shop for systems and web administrators. It is fully hosted, so setup and usage are far easier than with traditional software solutions. In addition to website and server monitoring, Monitis is a monitoring platform that allows users to build their own monitoring applications, to monitor anything. This is done… Read the full post

Monitor your Windows Servers, Free!

Today we are launching something that we think is truly groundbreaking: Free Internal Monitoring. Now users of Mon.itor.Us, the free Monitis, can download our internal agents into Windows and Linux servers and monitor CPU, Memory, Disk, Load Average, MySQL, Processes, HTTP, Ping, and even SNMP, for free. Best of all, since we are a hosted… Read the full post

Creating and Sharing Reports in Monitis. An Easy Task.

We’ve gotten good feedback from our video tutorials so far so we’re going to make some more. Reporting IT performance is one of the tasks of an IT administrator. It has often been a pain, so we tried to design our reporting module to make this process as effortless as possible. You can create and… Read the full post

Check your site before you wreck your site. New Load Testing video.

Whether you manage an eCommerce site, SaaS, university portal, or web app, load testing is extremely important for keeping IT managers well rested and users happy. At universities, online registration applications MUST handle the spike in users at the beginning of each semester for chaos not to ensue. If Ecommerce companies are unable to meet… Read the full post

New Video Highlights our Coolest Dashboard Features

Another week, another Monitis video, only this time it’s not really a tutorial but a demo of our dashboard features. It starts out by showing the basics. You can make multiple tabs and place different information on each, so it’s not unlike a browser within a browser. Data for a specific monitor is placed into… Read the full post