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New Monitis Dashboard Video Tutorial

Creating and Sharing Reports in Monitis. An Easy Task.

We’ve gotten good feedback from our video tutorials so far so we’re going to make some more. Reporting IT performance is one of the tasks of an IT administrator. It has often been a pain, so we tried to design our reporting module to make this process as effortless as possible. You can create and… Read the full post

New Video Tutorial: SNMP Monitoring as a Service

We received some great feedback about video tutorials for External, Internal, Transaction, and Full Page Monitoring, so we’ve decided to make more tutorials. This week we’ve added one for network monitoring. For starters, you can easily Ping an IP address behind your firewall from a server on which you’ve installed our agent. Simply go to… Read the full post


How to: EC2 monitoring setup

To start using EC2 monitoring you can either sign up for a trial plan, which includes 2 EC2 instance monitoring possibility for 15 days, sign up for Plus plan in case you will need only 1 EC2 instance monitoring or build your plan yourself in order to have some flexibility in case the number of… Read the full post

IPs we monitor from

Here are the IPs we monitor from: US – DE – UK – Panama – Australia – currently there are some changes so no fixed IP at the moment just open your firewall, or exclude from the logs the following range


How to buy SMS

This opportunity is provided to all users using different plans. You will find “Buy SMS” item in the Tools section of your menu as it is shown in the screen shot below. After clicking on this item you will be presented with the following pop up. Current balance shows the number of the used SMSs… Read the full post