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OpenSSL Security Bug That Must Be Patched Quickly

The OpenSSL Project is a volunteer driven collaborative project to develop a “ a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols as well as a full-strength general purpose cryptography library managed by a worldwide community”. The Project announced that a very serious security issue that could lead to… Read the full post

How to Proxyfy Apache

INTRODUCTION There are a variety of ways to implement proxying capabilities for web servers. As Apache is the most popular web server, we will try to implement proxying on it. Everyone who knows Apache well, probably knows that Apache implements proxying capability for AJP13 , FTP, CONNECT , HTTP/1.x. The choice of reverse proxy server is fully dependent on what is… Read the full post

Configuring JBoss 7 with Apache

There are a number of articles out there about deploying applications to JBoss and about how to monitor JBoss, and in them the web application is usually accessed by pointing a browser to the web container running on port 8080. In enterprise production environments however, the application server does not exist in a vacuum – JBoss… Read the full post

Monitor your Java application logs in 4 easy steps

As systems administrators, application logs are often the key to our success, but also our biggest hassle. They provide clues to what’s going on when things go awry, and in those situations more detail is generally better. But when you don’t actually know something is wrong, and just want to get a sense for whether… Read the full post

Simple metric aggregation and automated custom monitors with Monitis and StatsD

StatsD is a Node.js daemon that accepts metrics over a simple and lightweight UDP protocol, aggregates those metrics, and sends the results to one or more backend systems for long-term time series data storage, graphing, alerting, etc. Existing backends included with StatsD support graphite and console output for testing. There are also third-party backends for… Read the full post


Monitoring JBoss 7 with Monitis

When JBoss 7 was released, those familiar with earlier versions were taken by surprise – many familiar features were gone or completely redesigned. For instance, the JMX Console – a long-time staple of JBoss administration – was missing. While RedHat says JMX is still supported, their focus has clearly shifted – away from JMX and… Read the full post