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Network Server Monitoring Optimizes Your Business

  It would be a big challenge today to find a business that does not rely on computer technology. Even the smallest of businesses require this and the vast majority of businesses moves well beyond that simple level and establish their own networks. Doing this allows; streamlining operations, enhanced  communications, shared data storage, consolidated reporting… Read the full post

Linux Series 2: DNS Zones and BIND9 configuration settings.

In our last tutorial we covered the basics of how to install and configure a LAMP stack running Linux, Apache HTTP server, MySQL, and PHP. Now what is the next step? In this next tutorial we  will be learning how to set up and configure a DNS server. A DNS server is how we are… Read the full post

10 Tips for Monitoring Best Practices (Alerting and Notifications)

Monitoring tools are only as good as YOU make them!  Not really what you wanted to hear?  Sorry but the truth will set you FREE.  This Article will cover 10 Tips for Monitoring Best Practices.  Guess what… they are all about YOU not the monitoring tools or features! All monitoring solutions simply do what YOU… Read the full post

Bandwidth monitoring with ntop & Monitis

ntop bandwidth monitor ntop is a very simple yet powerful bandwidth monitor which outputs various statistics counters in RRD. RRD – Round Robin Database – is a very handy framework for saving server performance counters in a ring buffer. We can say that if we would like to graph network performance, ntop does most of… Read the full post

Microsoft Exchange Monitoring – Important Performance Counters

In a previous article we discussed monitoring Exchange Server with Monitis and provided a custom monitor written in PowerShell. In this article we’ll go over the available and relevant metrics for Exchange Server 2003. We’ve categorized the performance counters in the following groups: 1. Exchange Message Counters 2. Exchange Services Counters 3. Memory Monitoring 4.… Read the full post

Microsoft Exchange Monitoring

This is the second article in a series about Exchange Server that follows up on the article monitoring Exchange Server with Monitis. In the previous post we discussed the Exchange Message and Service Counters. In this article we’ll go over the Memory and Network Monitoring metrics.