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E-commerce – Uptime and Web apps are the keys

Since 2011 e-commerce has grown from $856,000,000.00 to closing out 2013 at more than $1,248,000,000,000.00 in global revenues, a nearly 41% growth rate over a two year span. The forecast for 2014  is targeted at $1,500,000,000,000.00, another 20% increase is gross revenues (see chart below). With trillions of dollars in play year on year now,… Read the full post


Q3 Additions and Enhancements from Monitis

      “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Read all about it!”                                 During the past few months the product development team at Monitis has been working away diligently to bring you the features and services you have been asking for.… Read the full post


Monitis Adds Apache Tomcat Monitor

Apache Tomcat is the one of the world’s most extensively used application servers and has nurtured along its reputation with application developers due to its lightweight nature and ease of use and by providing a commanding application platform with none of the price or difficulty of the traditional Java Enterprise Edition platforms.  Monitis is proud to… Read the full post

Choosing the Right Metrics for Monitoring your Application

When it comes to monitoring various applications, it is critical to define the key metrics to monitor, in order to get the precise picture of how your application is performing. That sounds easy enough, but the “simple” idea of defining key metrics is hard to implement in reality, because: The absolute number of metrics may… Read the full post

Configuring JMX in WebSphere 8.5

Like most application servers, WebSphere 8.5 has a rich management infrastructure based on JMX, or Java Management Extensions. In fact, the WebSphere administration console uses JMX to connect to the server to issue queries and perform administrative operations. In a previous post I showed you how to secure JBoss’ JMX connector. While there is a lot… Read the full post

Log-alize Java: Monitoring Java Application Logs

It has been talked about many, many times, so now it is naturally widely-known that any application, especially one that’s in production, must be monitored. When monitoring, it is important not only to evaluate the current status of the application, but, even more importantly, to predict future potential error situations. It is already standard practice… Read the full post