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A Guide to CouchDB Installation, Configuration and Monitoring

Introduction There is huge amount of documentation about CouchDB on the web. This article is not a complete guide to CouchDB.  It’s just a very brief description of CouchDB with examples which could be useful if you decide to try cluster building. A little about CouchDB: Basically, CouchDB is a schema-less document oriented database with… Read the full post

Basho - Riak Overview

Monitoring Riak with Monitis

The monitoring is easy thanks to our Monitis Monitor Manager (M3), which is a framework to easily create and gather data for custom types of system and application monitors. We’ have much covered how it works with different platforms and solutions previously and today we would like to introduce you how it works with Riak. You… Read the full post


Key metrics used for web oriented storage systems monitoring on RIAK example

Today I want to share with you some ideas about Web Oriented Storage System (WOSS) monitoring on databases and will use Riak as an example. I won’t be discussing here what’s meant by  ”web oriented” or “storage system”, I am assuming that you are already familiar with these concepts. There are several WOSS (Web Oriented… Read the full post


Monitoring HBase

HBase is a distributed, NoSQL, open-source database, initially conceived as an open-source alternative to Google’s proprietary BigTable. Originally, HBase was part of the Hadoop project, but was eventually spun off as a subproject. Given this legacy, it is not surprising that most often HBase is deployed on top of a Hadoop cluster (it used HDFS… Read the full post

Basho - Riak Overview

An Overview of Riak: an Open Source NoSQL Database

Basho Riak is a document oriented open-source database system. It is shaped by the Amazon Dynamo document and provides a decentralized key-value store that supports standard Get, Put and Delete operations. Riak is a distributed, highly scalable and fault-tolerant store with map/reduce, HTTP, JSON and REST queries making it ideal for web apps. And, of course,… Read the full post


Introducing Open Source MongoDB Monitoring Library

Monitoring In a previous Monitoring Performance on MongoDB – Mongo Basics article we went over some basics about Mongo and monitoring Mongo performance.  In this article we are going to examine some interesting services, that can help with our Mongo monitoring. Basically, we have two sets of statistics we would like to collect from our Mongo instances.… Read the full post