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Why You Should Use a Cloud Based Monitoring Solution

In the world of real estate the key words are; location, location and location. In the world of IT the keys words are; monitor, monitor and monitor. The greatest advantage you can have in any business is knowing what is happening and this is especially true when it comes to your; website, servers and IT… Read the full post


Tuning Windows 2012 – File System, Part 2

In the first article about tuning the Windows 2012 File System, we focused on the SMB model. In this article we’ll discuss tuning parameters for the NFS model that provides a file-sharing solution for  mixed Windows and UNIX environments.

What happened in 2012 in Monitis

2012 has been an exciting year for Monitis and for its users. We have worked hard to deliver you the best possible monitoring experience and dramatically  improved  the product.  Take a look at some of the most significant things that happened in Monitis this year. We are sure, you’ll love them!

Monitis Success Story: An Interview with Elite Email’s President, Robert Burko

Elite Email is Canada’s largest cloud-based email marketing solution provider.  It’s success is built on a commitment to helping customers’ businesses succeed by providing the best possible solutions and optimizing them for each company’s unique needs.  This dedication to customer success necessitates high-performance monitoring of Elite Email’s services so that any potential degradation can be… Read the full post

Verelo: An Honest & Admirable Way to Close

It’s with sadness that we read of the demise of one of our competitors – Verelo.  Founder Andrew McGrath has taken the brave decision to close down Verelo and return money to investors.  We, at Monitis, admire this honest, respectful approach. We don’t know Andrew and his team personally, but we imagine they’re engaged in… Read the full post

New Monitis Dashboard: Feel free to fall in Love

  Care about the performance of your website?  Then having a kick-butt website and application performance monitoring tool is not important, it’s mandatory. Monitis delivers best-of-class monitoring services to many of the world’s highest profile businesses, which means we understand high-performance monitoring needs.  But we also work with thousands of small and medium-sized businesses who… Read the full post