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The Little Ping – a Very Mighty Tool

What would you venture to say is a truly effective way to uncover network, website and server performance problems?

Consider the little ping. The ping is one of the most useful and reliable network debugging tools. It can be used to perform a bunch of Internet network diagnostic tests, for example, to check if a user can reach a public server, to determine how long it takes to bounce a packet off another site, and to probe a domain name or an IP address.

Add to that a remote capability – enabling web administrators to perform instant availability checks from multiple locations worldwide – and you have a very powerful tool.

We’ve recently added a free web-based remote ping tool to our all-in-one solution of cloud-based flexible IT monitoring services – consolidating backend, application, and cloud monitoring.

Check out more news about our new remote ping tool!


Hovhannes Avoyan

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Monitis CEO – Hovhannes is an international entrepreneur with a recognized and respected reputation in the high tech industry. His technical expertise, combined with his drive to build the best business/product, has positioned him as a visionary international extension of Silicon Valley.
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