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Hotelcard Select Monitis Suite of Monitoring Services

Virtually every business today has a website, an e-commerce plan and a strong focus on their digital appearance. In some businesses this is an important, put secondary, part of their sales and marketing, but in the case of Hotelcard it is raised to a supreme level of criticality. Hotelcard relies exclusively on their website to… Read the full post

Monitis Is 9: Not Old, But Better! [Infographic]

We started as a website monitoring company back in 2006 with a service to monitor website uptime and send alerts to clients whenever there was trouble. Now we are an application performance monitoring company with a feature-rich service pack for the application and the entire stack behind it.   Today we feel extremely fulfilled to… Read the full post

7 ways to fine-tune your Apache performance


Most folks in IT are familiar with Apache at some level. It’s an open source web server, created in 1999 and maintained by a community of developers under the guidance of the Apache Software Foundation. Based on the latest numbers Apache is used by 58.4% of all the websites, followed by Nginx (23.3%) and Microsoft IIS… Read the full post

Monitis – Monitoring from the Cloud for 9 Years


Monitis was born back in 2006 with the initial goal of launching a service to monitor website uptime and send alerts to clients whenever there was trouble. What differentiated Monitis from a crowded field of competitors was that it had the vision to see the future and established its’ uptime monitoring service in the cloud!… Read the full post

Top 5 Ruby on Rails performance tips for the small business


2015 is the 10th birthday of Ruby on Rails (or simply called Rails), the popular open source web application framework that uses the Ruby programming language. Ever since Rails burst on the scene a decade ago it has continued to scale up as an elegant way to build dynamic websites quickly and efficiently. Rails has garnered a strong following,… Read the full post

How to get started with advanced analytics


We’ve heard a lot about Big Data over the past several years. It’s been one of the biggest topics in IT and practically every enterprise has been clamoring to get on-board the Big Data train. Now that some of the hype has died down and been replaced by the Internet of Things, organizations are stepping back… Read the full post