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Monitis Let’s You Save Money and Gives you more at the Same Time

Monitis is well known around the globe to IT specialists, service providers and business executives, as the all-in-one tool to monitor your IT systems. As a cloud based APM company we provide our customers with  a service that enables them to view a sharp intuitive dashboard that let’s them see whatever they want in their… Read the full post
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Why Internet of Things will transform mobile device management

There’s a lot of discussion and hype on the market right now about the Internet of Things . . . and for good reason. If projections are correct, by 2020 over 30 billion objects will wirelessly be connected to the internet. Moreover, current trends indicate that this technological transformation will not just pertain to random “things” but… Read the full post

Top 5 cloud storage solutions for 2015

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Cloud storage has become an integral way for defining and managing our digital lives. More and more we are juggling multiple devices whether a laptop or desktop at work, a smartphone on the subway, or a tablet at home. This all means that we’ve come to rely on the ability to post our content into… Read the full post

DevOps Adoption Shortens Production Cycle By 2.5X [Infographic]


We live in a world of rapidly changing technology and continual innovations. IT companies need to respond by delivering their products and applications as fast as possible and at the same time be sure that the products deliver the users the greatest efficiency possible. This never ending challenge, sooner or later, drives them to adopt… Read the full post

The best ways to learn code

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The explosion in SMAC technologies (social, mobile, analytic, and cloud) in recent years has created unprecedented opportunities for those who can code. Indeed, programmers are the gatekeepers who are on the frontlines of the most momentous technological transformation in our history. Those who can code the mobile apps, the games, or the automation software of… Read the full post

Why Triplestores are the next big thing for Big Data


The Big Data explosion in recent years has created a number of new data storage and processing technologies. Platforms like NoSQL, Yarn, and Hadoop are now familiar terms within this growing ecosystem. However, it’s likely that many of you haven’t heard of “triplestores.” This is a new kind of database that’s been around since the… Read the full post