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Monitis Announces Email Round Trip Monitoring

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  Monitis is proud to announce the addition of “Email Round Trip” monitoring to their suite of executive application monitoring services. Once this new monitor is setup and on your dashboard, you will be able to monitor the end to end performance of your mail service. You will see how long a mail process takes,… Read the full post
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The Week in Website Performance News

This Week in Website Performance is a weekly feature of the Monitis.com blog. It summarizes recent articles about website performance. How to make your web site better, how to improve your users experience when they come to your website and how to optimize the overall experience. Why? Because your friends at Monitis.com care.   October… Read the full post

What does Home Depot teach us about cyber security?

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  I shop at Home Depot fairly often. In fact, I dropped by today for some things and I didn’t even give a passing thought to the recent unwanted attention the retail chain has received. Yes, in case you haven’t heard, on September 8th Home Depot confirmed a massive security breach, almost a week after credit… Read the full post

Internet of Things is now bigger than Big Data

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  Over the summer Gartner released its much anticipated annual Hype Cycle report and the big news is that Internet of Things has now replaced Big Data as the most hyped technology. Indeed, we’re hearing more and more about this fascinating new technological paradigm. Every other IT news items seems to be about IoT and its implications on the future… Read the full post

JP Morgan Chase Suffers Massive Hack

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JP Morgan Chase has announced that in June and July of this year over 76 million retail clients and over 7 million business clients had there personal information stolen from various company websites. The sites identified were: Chase.com, JPMorganOnline, Chase Mobile and JPMorgan Mobile. At this time it appears that what was stolen was the clients;… Read the full post

Xsser – Phone Virus Targets Hong Kong Protesters, Maybe More


  First there was the Heartbleed bug, then just last week it was Shellshock, and now we have a new one – the Xsser virus. For decades it was just our computers and laptops that were being targeted by the cyber thieves, but with the advent of the smart phone and mobile internet use growing… Read the full post