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The top 5 NoSQL platforms on the market today

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Experts say that the world’s data is doubling every two years. This epic increase in Big Data has highlighted the limitations of reliance on traditional forms of data storage and management while also focusing attention on new methods for addressing the volume and variety and veracity of structured and unstructured data. In these discussion, one… Read the full post

The top PHP platforms for 2015

In the 21 years since its inception, PHP has become the world’s most popular server side scripting languages. Known as a powerful, easy to learn language, PHP, according to one metrics site, is used by 82% of all the websites whose server-side programming language is known. In more cases than not, if you encounter a desktop… Read the full post

Top 5 things to know about DevOps

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We live in a world of epic technological change! Over the past 5 years we’ve experienced an amazing confluence of emerging and disruptive technologies in the area of mobile, cloud, and collaboration. While all of this change is great for businesses and customers, new digital technologies are also creating unforeseen challenges for IT the world… Read the full post

Happy Holidays From Monitis General Manager


Dear Customer,   We at Monitis want to thank you for being with us this past year and tell you what a pleasure it has been to help you reach your everyday business goals. Monitis is growing fast and we sincerely appreciate the trust you put in us to help you manage all of your… Read the full post

Node.js: What’s all the fuss about? [Inforgraphic]


Node.js has been in the industry a long time and yet the conversations about it never seem to slow down. So what’s all the fuss about? What makes Node.js different from other programming languages and environments out there?   Take a look at the infographic below and discover what!   BTW: You should know that Monitis has Node.js… Read the full post

Keeping things secure on Cyber-Monday

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While Americans are finishing up Thanksgiving festivities, online retailers are getting ready for Cyber-Monday. Since the era of the internet, the first full work day after Thanksgiving has become the biggest online spending day of the year. Last year Cyber-Monday sales hit a record $2.26 Billion and are expected this year to hit $2.6 Billion for… Read the full post